Stevan Dimitrijević held lecture for the students of Faculty of Law University of Banjaluka at the beginning of the series of lectures to take place this autumn

At the lecture for senior students of the Faculty of Law University of Banjaluka, attorney at law Stevan Dimitrijević spoke about responsibility of the management of companies for their business activities and about their personal civil as well as criminal liability for the performance of their duties in the managing of business activities of the companies. Attorney at law Dimitrijević presented several case studies on the subject.

Students took active part in lecture, and there was an active discussion on the subject of avoiding responsibility of companies and their responsible persons through constant incorporation of new companies, as well as on the over-indebtedness of companies and debtors considered more broadly as the obstacles for the efficient conduction of collection of debt.

Beside visiting lectures, students of Faculty of Law will have the opportunity for an internship in the law office Dimitrijević & Partners in the academic 2019/20.

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